Deciding to become a digital nomad does not normally happen overnight.

You’ve probably thought of it for a very long time, and probably planned ahead.

If you already have some sort of an online venture going in anticipation of living this type of lifestyle, you’ve taken a huge step! Many times, that step is actually the most difficult.

Because you have to believe you can do it to even attempt it.

But let’s say you succeed.

Your online venture is doing well, growing steadily, and making enough sales for you to stop the 9-5 hamster wheel and become a digital nomad.

Sunshine and rainbows, right?

Not quite.

Every business, venture, or even hobby has its down sides.

Here are 5 things no one tells you about becoming a digital nomad.

things no one tells you about the Digital nomad life

1. Social Media doesn’t tell the whole story.

Sure, you pictures are enviable AF, and everyone wants to know how you did it.

But there really isn’t a super secret formula; it was, and is, hard work. While you can snap photos of a beautiful beach scene at 3pm, no one sees that you were up at 5am and working steadily until 2:30pm. This is reality.

Just because the view is breathtaking doesn’t mean it didn’t take all you had to get there, and even more to stay there. There’s no harm in putting a limit on your number of working hours per day, but it is a lifestyle, and must be daily habit.

2. You finally get acclimated somewhere, only to jet off again.

I know, I know; First World Problems, right? But seriously, this can be rough. The second you get used to a certain sleeping arrangement where you’re actually getting your REM going, you’ve got to get used to another one all over again.

That’s just the sleeping arrangements; think about where you grocery shop, where you pick up medicine, and how you transport yourself from one place to another. All of these things change every time you go somewhere new.

So there are lots of things you will have to either plan out in advance, or just learn to get comfortable winging it!

3. You’ll get really tired of lugging stuff around.

Taking amazing Instagram pictures in new outfits every day is fabulous.

But not when you have to carry every single one of those outfits on your back through various airports. It’s not like you see on TV where someone carts around all your luggage for you and you fly first class and get three course meals in-flight.

Yeah, no.

You’re going to be totally covered in sweat pulling around luggage. Literally; lugging. Not only is it not a great look, it’s exhausting.

Less really is more. It will be far less work to pack a few staple pieces that you can mix and match instead of three outfits for each day, complete with accessories.

You’ll thank me.

4. Forget about shopping.

We all know how it is to see an item we absolutely cannot live without.

The problem is, when you’re a digital nomad, you literally have nowhere to put anything. It’s possible to just ship everything back home to your house or P.O Box, but there’s clearly a limit to this, too. If you’re a shopaholic in your stable ‘in-one-place’ lifestyle, this may be a difficult transition for you. If you plan on purchasing souvenirs for friends and family, it’s advised to ship them to the recipient as soon as you buy it, leaving the stress of lugging it around or possibly having it break behind.

Clothes shopping is really the same thing, unless you deliberately bring less clothes with you banking on the idea that you’ll just buy what you need when you get there.

It’s frivolous and a bit risky, but you can opt to do that if you dare!

5. You’ll probably always be slightly worried.

Being a digital nomad is literally living the dream.

Sometimes you may end up pinching yourself.

What if it all falls apart? What if you get too tired to keep up the work?

What if you get online haters??

It could all happen. At any time. There are no guarantees.

That’s the nature of nomadism as well as business; things change!

You have to be wiling to take risks. The good news is, you never lose in business.

You either win or you learn something.

Both are valuable.

What do you think?

Are you currently living the life of a digital nomad?

Is there anything you would add to this list?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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